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Spare Parts Management

It has been a challenge of many of our customers for many years. Warranty parts replacement is NOT an easy task especially when it is in various locations. Impact of this is far more severe when our clients were faced with the same challenge internationally. Many OEM's have failed and still unable to deliver the "replacement parts" in a timely manner - which results in downtime and loss of efficiency for clients. Our journey began with supporting one client in India and China and today we are supporting more than two dozen clients globally. Many of our OEM partners are utilizing our Spare Parts Management services in many countries to meet the committed Service Level Agreements (SLA) to their clients. Our Spare Parts Management comes in four tiers:


1. Spares Onsite - This is fully managed and supported by Geelers.


2. Regional Location - Fully accessible by our engineers to collect and deliver parts to client locations.


3. Full Service - Onsite Support (inclusive of Parts & Labor) services.


4. Fully Custom - Based on our clients needs.

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