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Build a dense, power-efficient data center.

From server racks to UPS and PDU, Geelers is here to help.


Server racks and power supplies may not be exciting, but they represent the lifeblood and physical blueprint of the modern data center.


Your data center’s power efficiency, cost savings and green footprint often rely on the smart architecture of these smallest physical details. This is where Geelers' experience in architecture and deploying data center solutions can prove invaluable. We can help you determine the best server racks and associated power supplies to meet the needs of your growing data center.


Whether you need one part or a complete overhaul, Geelers offers a constant inventory of parts from major manufacturers and can most likely provide you with a spare part from our inventory on the same day, if needed, while a warranty part is being ordered.


With extensive field experience and a solid reliance on best practices and best-of-breed vendor agnostic solutions, Geelers experts can help ensure your data center’s rack and power systems will be ready for any challenge.

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