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Assessment Services

We can fully determine the amounts of Power/Space/Cooling our enterprise data center solutions will be requiring. Do away with all your spreadsheets your IT staff has. As part of our Geelers support services we will keep track of all your assets located at your sites. We will fully populate the custom support portal with all your inventory and important information you may require and let you see from a single web page the list of devices you have at your data center. In addition one will be able to determine the expiration dates and let you manage the warranty status of hardware more pro-actively. In addition you will be automatically sent a list every quarter and twice a year the list will be validated by our staff to ensure reliability.


For engineering and research focused departments we have also implemented custom solutions that not only keep track of the inventory but also implements a scheduling function so engineers can reserve and check out equipment or clusters of pre-defined test environments. This is beneficial in that the equipment no longer in use for a specific project can be re-purposed for other functions and slated to new projects. This has had a large impact on budgets and companies have been able to now spend for newer higher priority business needs.

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