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Autonomous Driving

There are currently five levels in the autonomous driving journey, here is just a brief summary:


Level 1 - Human Driving - this is what we are accustomed to.

Level 2 - Automated driving assistance helping humans achieve smarter/better driving

Level 3 - Humans still needed, though most can be accomplished by smart car

level 4 - First level of fully autonomous - almost cover all driving scenarios but not quite there

Level 5 - This refers to a fully-autonomous system that expects the vehicle's performance to equal that of a human driver in every driving scenario. Some or most of these cars will not have steering or gas pedals.



It is a race to develop the most robust set of technologies that will enable this industry to the next level. Thus one must have the best set of tools from the hardware and software perspectives to enable one’s own engineering staff the most competitive edge to be the first to showcase their products. As the technology grows in this space, we are empowering our customers in this industry by helping them solve these challenges. Where are you at with your Journey? We have helped companies in this sector surpass the competition with helping them on the journey to level 5 Fully Autonomous.


We have solutions catered to fit any size enterprise:


Data Collection from all the sensors

Data Ingestion to Data Center / Garage

Data Proficiency on Premise or in cloud

Data Processing and Training Models

Data Archiving and Retention

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