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Rack Integration

We have experience in deploying fully defined solutions, and in turn deploying them at your data center both Domestic and International. Give us the complete list and our team of experts can deliver a full rack within days. This both saves on cost and lets our customers focus and what is really important to them.


Full Rack Integrations projects include:


- Installation of Servers/Storage/Networking/Fiber Channel Devices/Smart PDUs/Sensors/Serial or KVM over IP Devices and others..

- Configuration of all devices followed to customer pre-defined specifications

- OS Install/Naming/IP configuration if required

- Custom BIOS settings per device and initial setup of all gear

- Complete structured Network, Power, Serial, Fiber Connection, Sensors, KVM, and other connections

- Labeling of all devices front and back

- Labeling of all cables connected per customer defined labeling definitions

- Full Rack Inventory shared with customer

- Remote VPN access to Rack for Customer QA once completed

- Packaging of complete rack and custom crate pickup form our facilities to freight forwarder

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