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Hyper Scale Computing is for those who have to compute vast amounts of data and run calculations in parallel to solve complicated problems in the fastest amount of time. Most bottlenecks exist in the network when parallelism is needed and where applications demand the use of a vast amount of compute power. Let us analyze, implement and provide you with the fastest networks available. This means getting the most efficient use of all your computing power, and networking power. This numbers crunching activity also has to be efficient in using the power and cooling that is available. This would mean applying the right set of technologies in tandem that make the most effectiveness from a return on investment perspective. Geelers has experience in all this space and has built high speed high compute environments for customer across the globe.


From workstations to supercomputers, high-performance computing (HPC) can speed time to results, handle unprecedented growth in data volumes, and help to solve scientific, engineering and data analysis problems —regardless of scale. Designed for the highest levels of efficiency and optimized for superior performance, Geelers’ HPC solution offerings empower cost-effective innovation at scale. We address all aspects of your HPC needs and provide you with the confidence to integrate new capabilities to complement or replace existing capacity, and avoid severe computing bottlenecks and major performance issues.

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