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Migration Services

Thinking of moving your data center? We are experienced with moving large amounts of systems to your new data center space.


No one likes to move especially when it comes to complicated data center re-location. Let our experts put together a plan for your move. We have been helping companies of all sizes relocate their equipment, stand up and, build out new locations and help dispose of the older end of life gear that is no longer needed. Often we are able to get credit for you and put those funds towards new purchases.


The following are available:


- Full Assessment

- Project Management on all move related activities

- Packing and unpacking from door to door, domestic and international customs clearance

- Un-rack and re-install equipment, reconnect per new requirements

- Re label devices/connections and update inventory maps

- Settings changes, renaming, rebuilding at software layers

- Work with OEMs for certified moves and re-certification

- Experienced staff



In addition we are able to leverage our relationships with big data center real estate providers to provide you the best value and a competitive bid that is a good fit for all your relocation requirements.

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